How Guided Imagery Works

Flying Phobia Master contains two 40-minute audio recordings that use guided imagery and brain wave music to help you reach a state of relaxation. Each audio contains a combination of carefully prepared scripts and images, soothing brainwave music, and reassuring words and phrases to help you to calm down.

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a powerful "mental imagery" technique that redirects the subconscious mind using thoughts, emotions, images and senses.

You've probably heard of it before, but not realized it. A form of guided imagery is often used by athletes (such as basketball players) who visualize doing layups or free throws to improve their skills. You'll find many studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of guided imagery to decrease pain, lower blood pressure, accelerate weight loss, as well as reduce anxiety.

What is Brainwave Music?

Brain wave music is a combination of relaxing music and sound frequencies that help your brain absorb and communicate better. Brain wave sound frequencies range from Alpha to Delta.

Flying phobia master incorporates Alpha sound waves to help you improve your concentration, and Beta sound waves to help you relax. Brain wave music is an important part of our program because it puts your mind into a calm and open-minded state that allows you to better concentrate on overcoming your fear of flying.

How often should you listen?

For best results, start listening to the first audio 30 to 40 days before you plan on flying. It's not necessary to listen to the entire 40-minutes every day, but you should listen to at least 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Audio #2 is designed to help you decrease your anxiety prior to boarding and while you are airborne. On the day of your flight you should bring your iPod or MP3 player with you and start listening to the recording from the moment you leave for the airport until you have arrived at your destination. It will help reduce your stress levels and restore your sense of confidence and safety.

What results can you expect?

Of course, since the depth of each person's phobia does vary, we cannot predict the precise results you will experience. However if you listen to the recordings as instructed, you should feel a new sense of calmness and control. If you usually feel tense, nauseous and extremely anxious during your flight, you should be able to board your plane without that debilitating level of fear and panic. It's likely that you will likely still feel nervous, but you'll feel confident that you can maintain control. If you usually get jumpy, irritated, nervous, or even get tearful from the moment you leave for the airport, you should experience a sense of calmness and relaxation.

(* Remember, if you don't receive the results you expects we will provide you with a full refund. Click here to read more about our guarantee.)

Why is Flying Phobia Master effective?

"Imagery is the language that the mind uses to communicate with the body. You can't really talk to a wart and say 'Hey, go away', because that's not the language that the brain uses to communicate with the body.

You need to imagine that wart and see it shrinking. Imagery is the biological connection between the mind and body."

- Carol Drury, PhD

Our guided imagery recordings are a wonderful alternative to anti-anxiety prescriptions, over-the-counter medications or herbal preparations that just mask the root cause of your fear.

Guided imagery uses a series of imagery treatments that deliver multiple layers of encoded "relaxation" messages to the brain. These messages help to reduce a person's fear and anxiety.

The process is a safe way to harmonize subconscious and pre-conscious thoughts in order to assist a person with their conscious goals.

Many psychologists and hypnotherapists regularly use guided imagery and brain wave music along with a variety of other psychological approaches to treat anxiety.

Our audio recordings are professionally created using the same certified in-office

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